Embracing Color

There is a reason Crayola crayons and jellybeans come in so many colors. Color has the power to stir our imaginations and take us from the moody blues to warm, happy “hue-mors.”

As a child, I was always drawn to color. I remember my grandpa, whom we called Papa, taking me and my brother out for some Saturday “bumming,” as he called it. Bumming was a combination of errand running–getting fresh egg bagels for lunch–and fun–the fun part was when he took us to a hardware store (how many other people were taken to hardware stores as kids and loved them or was it just me and my brother?) or a toy store and let us pick out some new treasure. One Saturday, I came away with a beautiful bright pink ball. I cannot tell you how infatuated I was with my new magenta ball. Apparently some other kid in the neighborhood liked it too because it was nicked from my yard a few days after I got it…

As a grown-up (well, at least on the exterior; the interior still carries the voice and spirit of the child), I lost that playful color lust…especially when I read somewhere that black is slimming. Ever desirous of looking my best, I jumped into the black hole with gusto. Everything I bought was black…black shoes, black purses, black sweaters, black coats…you get the bleak picture. I told myself that black was also the practical choice…an eternal classic that you can never go wrong with. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I believed that one day, when I had a complete wardrobe of basics, I’d go back to color. For years, that day never came, and I remained the women in black.

Today, I crave color. It’s like I’ve been in the desert for a long time, deprived of water. Still a wary wearer of hue, I am slowly dipping my toe in the color pool. What I’m discovering is that color, when worn near my face and neck, enlivens my skin. It’s almost like a mini-face-lift without the huge price tag and all the pain.

Let’s make a pact not to stick in the black rut. I suggest we embrace color…see it as a friend and not a foe. And keep in mind that while you may not look great in a particular shade of a color (for me it’s dusty rose; it completely washes me out), don’t give up on that color overall. Find the shade of pink that looks good on you. I believe that we can all wear the various colors; we just need to find the hue/shade that harmonizes best with our unique skin tone and coloring. I’m even considering pulling out a book of paint colors that I have for my house and standing in the mirror with it to see which swatches flatter my face.

In that spirit, I offer some of the colorful wares that I am currently loving. As always, they are a mix of high and low, pricey and affordable. See what you think, and I’d love to hear about your color stories and woes.

If you are afraid to apply color from head to toe, why not start with a pop on your feet. These fuchsia mules from Zara are just the ticket. $49.90. http://www.zara.com.


OK, so I know this hat is black…but check out the bright band. The colors look extra swell against the noir backdrop. From Zara, it’s only $39.90.

Image 4 of CHECKED COAT WITH TEXTURED CUFFS from ZaraWhat about a snuggly scarf of pink and red. $25.90. http://www.zara.com.


I love these tassel earrings from Oscar de la Renta. You can find them in a range of rainbow hues at Nordstroms for $345.00. But I am also certain, that cheaper knock-offs may be found…try Amazon or Shopstyle.com to find em.

Main Image - Oscar de la Renta 'Classic Short' Tassel Drop Clip Earrings

This crossbody purse from Tory Burch boasts a shade called “Dahlia Pink.” It also comes in green, blue, red, and, of course, black. Love it. $428 at http://www.nordstrom.com.

Main Image - Tory Burch Georgia Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag

OK, so we have dipped a toe in….now let’s jump in for a full body look.

Talk about something that will put you in a sunny mood…check out this waterfall dress from COS. With its flattering neckline and slimming ruffle, its bound to blast away the blues. http://www.cosstores.com.

COS image 1 of Woven waterfall dress in Golden yellow

I’m orange crushing on this lovely tangerine tog from Cushnie et Ochs. I find that the cold-shoulder style looks really good on all…young and old alike. I also love the neckline and the statement sleeves. If you have an ample chest, why not show a little it? You can find it at Neiman Marcus. $1595.00.


Aura Ruffled-Frill Cold-Shoulder Halter Silk Crepe Cocktail Dress

Again, back to magenta. Chiara Boni La Petite Robe. Here we combine color and an interesting ruffle at the waist. $695.00. http://www.neimanmarcus.com.


Agape Boat-Neck Long-Sleeve Peplum Cocktail Dress

What about a blue coat? This faux shearling beauty in an exquisite deep sapphire blue is $149.90 at http://www.zara.com.

Image 1 of DOUBLE-SIDED COAT from Zara

As always, I could go on and on and on….I hope you dare to try out some color this season. I think you’ll find a cherished new friend.


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