I love a dramatic eye, and nothing boosts eye drama more than long, bold lashes. Because I am already somewhat “high maintenance”–I get my nails done; I do Botox and fillers; and I am meticulous about good skincare, which can be pricey–I didn’t want to add yet another monthly beauty expense in the way of lash extensions. Not only are extensions costly–at the very least around $60 a month–they also take a good hour or more to be hand-applied and they can, and likely will, damage your own lashes. And if your own real lashes fall out, you cannot get more extensions because they have to have something to adhere to. A lose-lose situation. For all these reasons, I decided to spend $69.00 on One Two Cosmetic’s Full Coverage Original Lash Set–a set of magnetic eye lashes that can be reused multiple times.

Original Lash

These magnetic lashes are designed to sandwich your own lashes. One lash piece goes over the top of your lashes; two smaller lash sections go below your lashes. The top and bottom lash pieces fit together magnetically. Great idea…right?

When my magnetic lash set arrived, I was eager to try them. I watched the company’s tutorial several times before making my own attempt. On my first try, I realized this was not going to be smooth sailing. The lashes grabbed onto each other magnetically before I had them in the right place. I tried again and again, and this kept happening. Finally, on my fifth try, I accidentally dropped one of the lower lash sections. I scoured the table, the floor, the sofa. I could not find that little sucker anywhere.

When I finally gave up, I called the company for help. Because they advertise a money-back guarantee, I was pretty certain they would do the right thing and either send me another bottom lash or refund my money. After I explained my dilemma, the operator put me on hold for a few minutes. When she came back she said, “I’m sorry but the only thing you can do is purchase another set of lashes; we cannot do anything to help you.” I was, to say the least, deeply disappointed and a tad angry. I did protest to this poor phone person but to no avail. She said there was nothing she could do.

So here is how I feel about the One Two Full Coverage Magnetic Lashes.


  • Will not destroy your own lashes
  • Can be reused multiple times
  • Are well made in terms of lash quality (thickness, color, length)


  • Expensive
  • Hard to apply
  • Easy to lose
  • Company does not stand behind its money-back guarantee…at least they haven’t so far. Here is what is said on their website:
We expect only the best and we know you do as well. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we are happy to refund your money if returned within 30 days.
Please return your lashes to: One Two Cosmetics 9361 Canoga Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311
Once lashes are received, we will then refund your order and will send out a confirmation email. Any questions regarding your purchase please contact us.


Now, note that I am going to mail the lash set back and see if they refund my money. If they do, I will update this review and let you know. I will also let you know if they continue to refuse to help me.

I really wanted to love this product. I think it’s a fabulous concept. Sadly the lashes proved too difficult for me to apply and too easy for me to drop and lose. Let me know if you have tried these and had better results or if you recommend another brand.


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