Dressing Royally: The Fashion Agreements Between Celebs and Designers

Ever wonder how movie stars and royals–even newly arrived and not yet official royals like Meghan Markle–are able to wear new designer gowns to every event?  The sheer Ralph & Russo gown Markle is wearing in this official engagement photo apparently sells for $75,000. Now, I am not sure if Harry’s new fiancee or the queen had to buy this gown…doubtful though.

It turns out that celebrities have two options when it comes to getting an outfit for an awards ceremony. If they are important enough celebs (i.e., A-listers), they can either pick from a designer’s collection or have a dress or tux custom made. Technically, they can purchase a dress or tuxedo but that isn’t what normally happens. Generally, the celeb does not pay for the outfit, nor does he or she own the outfit. Thus, after the awards ceremony is over, the item is placed back into its bag and picked up by the stylist or the designer’s “people.” Pretty nice little arrangement, no?

If an actress is picking from a designer’s collection, then the actresses who are nominated often get the first pick, followed by the show’s presenters. Things can get a little competitive because only one lucky lady can wear any one dress.

Some designers want to dress certain celebrities and will go to great lengths to get that person to wear their clothing. For example, a designer may fly multiple dresses directly from the runway in Paris to the client in New York or Los Angeles in a bid to win over said actress. Oh, to be so popular!



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