Ageism…the Next “Me Too” Movement for Women

Ageism (n.) prejudice or discrimination against a particular age-group and especially the elderly.

In my fifties, I do not consider myself old. I buy into the “fifty is the new thirty” mentality, preferring to not let my age define me and still striving to better myself and learn. So it really shocked me when a family member (not part of my so-called nuclear family by the way) said, “Terri looks OK for an old gal.” Completely caught off-guard, I said nothing. Inside, however, I was both hurt and seething. (If only I could rewind time and take the opportunity to let that person know what I truly think.)

I believe that family should be a nurturing wagon circle, a place where family members feel safe, cared about, supported. I know that is probably unrealistic due to family dysfunction, jealousies that take hold, and the like. But wouldn’t it be nice if…

The question I am also asking myself is “Why do women attack other women?” We should be helping each other to fly, excel, and discover the talents we possess that are far more gratifying and enduring than beauty and youth.

To the person who said this to me I say, “You wounded me but I am resilient and will use your negativity to fuel my journey to greater things.” Shame on you.





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