Slip Up: Slippers with Detachable Soles

Something of a clean freak, I have declared my home a shoe-free zone. I discovered shoe-free homes when studying for a year in France. There, people walk their dogs and do not, I repeat “do not,” pick up the dogs’ poo. Sorry to be so blunt but there it is. Seeing all the piles of doggy do, I could clearly see the value of having outdoor shoes and indoor slippers.

I have adopted this mode of living stateside and even ask my guests–I know, I know…it’s not the greatest–to remove their shoes upon entering my sanctuary.

Of late, I have become increasingly frustrated with having to remove my slippers and put on my “outdoor” shoes simply to check the mail or grab something from the garage. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be swell to have a pair of slippers with a removable/changeable sole?” It would be one more way to make things a tad more efficient in my life. So I Googled “slippers with removable soles” and lo and behold, there is such a thing.

Introducing Mahabis Slippers. Lightweight with a soft wool lining, the slippers feature a detachable sole. How cool is that?


Mahabis’ Classic Slipper comes in light gray and dark gray and offers the choice of seven different colored soles…everything from plain white to skane yellow and more.

skane yellow soles

That way, you can have your “indoor” sole and your “outdoor” one. I love it!

This classic pair of Mahabis Slippers sells for $110.00, which includes one set of soles. Additional soles cost $20. Find them at


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