What I’m Wearing to My Kids’ Graduations This Summer

It’s that time of year again–graduation time. This is not just a special occasion for the student; it’s also a life moment for the parents who launched that child. Now, while I’m a stepmom and cannot take much credit for the wonderful people my stepchildren have become (I came into their lives when they were pretty much grown up), I still want to enjoy the day and toast the child. Part of that for me is carefully planning what I’m going to wear to their graduation ceremonies.

I thought I’d share with you the special outfit I’ve pulled together. My aim with this getup was to look polished and pulled together and to celebrate spring and the freshness it brings. My color of choice is indigo blue. Indigo blue is the new black, in case you haven’t heard. Classic and really a whole lot more flattering to most skin tones, it’s here to stay. If you don’t have anything in this dynamic hue, what are you waiting for???

Here’s what I’ll be rocking on those two days–yup, same outfit for both events. I love it when I can repurpose a look. (By the way, I’m going to start taking photos of myself in these outfits–something I find incredibly trying to do. I am not one who likes to have my picture taken; I tend to nit-pick every perceived flaw. So it’s really hard for me to put myself out there. However, as part of my life growth process, I really want to “get over it.” Things to come…

Here are my outfit essentials.


Michael Kors Striped Georgette Shirt Dress in Blue. Currently on sale for $146.25 through 3/26 at www.michaelkors.com. I paid the full price of $195.00…bummer. It also comes in black, which is also incredibly cute.

I’m going to add a thick blue belt to further cinch in the waist.

Image result for womens wide blue belt

For my shoes, I want to wear heels but I need platform soles to cushion the ride. My pads tend to hurt in really high heels with thin soles. Thus, I’ll be rocking these blue velvet platforms from Zara. They are surprisingly comfortable; just gotta make sure you watch where you step.


Topping things off will be this incredibly cute white purse.

Gucci Shoulder Bag

Gucci white purse. Love, love, love.

I’d love to hear what you’re planning to wear to any graduation ceremonies you may be attending this summer. It’s always fun to share.





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