Outfit for a Spring Trip to the Big City

I always want to look stylish when I’m out and about…particularly when I’m on vacation. Vacation is when I feel I have the greatest luxury of all in life–time. And with those added hours for fun comes the opportunity to plan my outfits more thoughtfully.

The challenge for me when planning a vacation look is meshing style with comfort. My clothes need to be fuss-free (i.e., wrinkle-resistant, not too tight, not too constricting, the right fabric weight for the climate, etc.), and my shoes need to be such that I can comfortably walk for hours. Having had four foot surgeries (I used to dance on pointe), I am a person with high-maintenance feet. I have to have cushion or I can end up feeling miserable as I go about my day. I know because I have found myself in that painful situation one too many times.

With that said, here is one of the outfits I conceived for a trip to Chicago. It hits all the boxes on my checklist. It’s chic, it’s easy to wear, and it allows me to remove layers if the weather is warmer than expected. It also features a pair of cool-looking shoes that feature a soft, cushioned sole so that I can walk to my heart’s content. The purse is a crossbody, which allows me to promenade hands free and keep my wallet tight to my body.

Plaid coat from Mango. $199.00. http://www.mango.com.

Checked structured coat

Sailor-inspired wide-leg jeans. $87.00. http://www.warehouse-london.com.

Warehouse, NAUTICAL WIDE LEG JEANS Dark Wash Denim 0

A simple white tank top which I will tuck into the sailor pants means I won’t be too hot if the temp rises during the day. $14.90 from Zara. http://www.zara.com.


Image 2 of WIDE STRAP TOP from Zara

Platform loafers by Stella McCartney. $579.00. http://www.gilt.com.

Topping it all off and lending a punch of color is this adorable orange crossbody bag from Tory Burch. McGraw Round Crossbody Bag. $248.00. http://www.neimanmarcus.com.

McGraw Round Crossbody Bag


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