The Hat That Says Vacation

The sun is out; the gardenias are in bloom and infusing the air with their rich, heady scent; and turquoise waves lap at a white, powdery beach. It’s time for vacation!
One of the things I love about vacation is spending extended time outdoors…whether reading a book on a beach or simply strolling through an ancient village in the south of France.
When I’m on holiday, I love being en plein air. All that time in the sun, however, can wreak havoc on my skin. I don’t want to age any faster than I have to! Thus, I always wear a high SPF sunblock (Obagi’s Matte version is my favorite) and I always sport a beautiful hat as well.
Here are my favorites for summer 2018.
Featured Hat: Missoni Mare Multicolored Braided Hat. $520.

Sensai Studio Frayed Woven Straw Boater Hat With Striped Band. Brown. $165.

Eugenia Kim Sunny Straw Hat. $395.

The Klint Bolero Hat from Janessa Leone conjures images of a gondola ride in Venice. I love its crisp lines and classic black ribbon. I also like that this is an enduring style that you can wear forever. $190.00.
Sensai Studio’s Frayed Brim Leopard Print Straw Hat in Animal runs $174.

Yestadt Millinery Somba Fringe Fedora. $415.

Johanna Ortiz–one of my favorite designers–conjured this Halt To The Hunt With Bon Bon hat. $225.
This Long Brim Visera from Sensai Studio sells for $155.


Yestadt Millinery Playa Tasseled Straw Bucket Hat in Pink. $275.
Paper-Braid Glamour Hat from Sensai Studio offers full protection from the elements and from anyone you don’t care to see or be seen by. $150.
The Multicolored Wide-Brimmed Sun Hat from Missoni Mare features the brand’s distinctive hues and lines. $585.
Eugenia Kim’s Carmen Embellished Straw Sunhat is just plain cool.
Gigi Burris’s Vieja Hat With Raffia. $430.

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