Designer Spotlight: Ulla Johnson

If you love dreamy, bohemian dresses replete with ruffles and a bent that is both feminine and sophisticated,  you need to check out the gorgeous wares of designer Ulla Johnson.
A native of Manhattan, Johnson spent her early years trekking around the world with her parents, both of whom are archaeologists. The global awareness she cultivated over time is evident in her easy, yet oh, so chic womenswear.
Johnson’s designs are celebrated for their custom prints, delicate embroideries and stitching, decolletage-loving necklines, and peasant sleeves.
She can go from a pale muted floral gown one minute to a bold, red folkloric patterned dress with beaded tassels and velvet insets that conjures images of an elegant woman strolling in the verdant countryside of Russia. She also does simple white cotton blouses and sundresses. All are exquisitely fabricated.
Along with her lovely frocks, she also designs purses, shoes, and wraps…all handmade and in natural fibers.
Prices hover anywhere from $200 to $1,500.00, depending on the design and fabric. I don’t think you will find this level of quality for these prices from too many other celebrated designers….just my humble opinion.
Here are some of Ulla Johnson’s current designs. Enjoy!
Penninah Floral Silk Dress. $690.
Ulla Johnson Penninah Floral Silk Georgette Midi-Dress - Dresses - 505600690
Bardot Embellished Gauze Gown. $690.
Ulla Johnson Bardot Embellished Gauze Gown - Dresses - 505590826
Athena Silk Maxi Dress. $1,150.00.
Ulla Johnson Athena Silk Maxi Dress - Dresses - 505296384
April Sleeveless Silk Dress. $1,595.
Gwyneth Eyelet Cotton Dress. $520.
Below we see Johnson at her Boho best, with a rich floral pattern and beautiful peasant sleeves. Suzana Floral Dress. $495.
Ulla Johnson Suzana Floral-Print Cotton Peasant Dress - Dresses - 505296539
Here is the same rich red floral in a blouse. Bijana Embroidered Cotton Patchwork Blouse. $370.
Ulla Johnson Bijana Embroidered Cotton Patchwork Blouse - Tops - 505296581
Ulla Johnson Bijana Embroidered Cotton Patchwork Blouse - Tops - 505296581
Filia Emboidered Cotton Dress. $520.
Devra Embroidered Cotton Top. $425.
Lois Embellished Silk Peplum Top. $370.
Ulla Johnson Lois Embellished Silk Peplum Top - Tops - 505216779
Amabelle Silk Chiffon Dress. $600.
Ulla Johnson Amabelle Silk Chiffon Dress - Dresses - 505380092
Here is a more casual design. Emory Topstitch Denim Button-Down Dress. $345.
Ulla Johnson Emory Topstitched Denim Button-Down Dress - Dresses - 505600727
Asima Cotton Blend Blouse. $275.
Cara Cotton Blouse. $335.
Tautou Basket Bag. $265.
Ulla Johnson Tautou Basket Bag - Shoulder Bags - 505647465
Amara Cotton Coat. $550.

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