The tale of the Zimmermann sisters–Nicky and Simone–is the stuff of fashion legend. They went pretty much from their parents’ garage straight to the pages of Vogue. Over time, the siblings have grown their luxury line of sophisticated ready-to-wear and beach attire into an internationally celebrated brand. Officially launched in Sydney, Australia, in 1991, their designs feature feminine, flirty styles and flattering fits. Ultra-soft fabrics ensure that they feel as amazing as they look.

Prices range from around $195 on up to $2,250.00, depending on the design and the fabric.

All the featured wares are from Barney’s.

Melody Floral Silk Romper. $640.

Zimmermann Melody Floral Silk Cutout Romper - Dresses - 505693542

Honeymooners Floral Linen-Silk Minidress.

Zimmermann Honeymooners Floral Linen-Silk Minidress - Dresses - 505581799

Corsair Cotton Tiered Off-The-Shoulder Dress. $850


Zimmermann Corsair Cotton Tiered Off-The-Shoulder Dress - Dress - 505468030

Striped Linen-Silk Midi Dress. $1,150.

Zimmermann Striped Linen-Silk Midi-Dress - Dresses - 505452071

Drape Silk Charmeuse Slip Midi Dress. $530.

Zimmermann Drape Silk Charmeuse Slip Midi-Dress - Dresses - 505258690

Linen Bra Top. $530.

Zimmermann Linen Bra Top - Tops - 505452016

Floral Linen Canvas Single-Button Blazer. $795

Zimmermann Floral Linen Canvas Single-Button Blazer - Jackets - 505581876

Whitewave Wrap Crop Top. $530.

Zimmermann Whitewave Wrap Crop Top - Tops - 505581755

Corsair Ladder-Stitched One-Piece Swimsuit. $425.


Helm Dot Off-The-Shoulder Bikini Top. $195.

Zimmermann Helm Dot Off-The-Shoulder Bikini Top - Tops - 505467995

Zimmermann Helm Dot Off-The-Shoulder Bikini Top - Tops - 505467995

Painted Heart Love Swimsuit. $795.

Zimmermann Painted Heart Love One-Piece Swimsuit - One Piece - 505468022

Chain & Shell Hoop Earrings. $260.

Zimmermann Chain & Shell Hoop Earrings - Earrings - 505634907

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