Ever procrastinate? Are you, like me, guilty of putting off less-than desirable tasks that need to be done? I’d almost rather do anything besides clean out my kitchen cabinets, straighten up my closet, or go through packed boxes of stuff (we have a lot of boxes waiting to be unpacked from when we moved to our home five years ago…arghh!).

To get these unsavory jobs done, I have been trying out a little thing I call the 15-Minute Rule. I have decided to devote 15 minutes to myriad assignments on my own honey-do list–that messy closet, studying my French verb conjugations, cleaning up the laundry room–in a bid to finally get them done. When I tell myself that I only need to spend 15 minutes on these ventures a day, it makes them all seem so much more doable and so much less daunting. And guess what! It’s working! I am tackling things that I have been dreading for months and years. My kitchen cabinets are getting cleaned out one set of drawers and cabinets at a time (I’m keeping a detailed list so that I know what’s been cleaned and what is still waiting to be scrubbed).

If you have a tendency to put off unpleasant chores, why not try the 15-Minute Rule? I bet you will finally be able to tackle that messy closet, basement, or garage. And, when you are done with it, you will feel a whole lot better about taking a nice margarita break. Cheers!

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