ME + EM = Major Style

British brand ME+EM was founded by Clare Hornby in 2009 to offer designer quality at lower prices. Frustrated by how hard it was to find flattering, on-trend and beautifully made clothes, Clare made the decision to offer women a solution to this sartorial problem. Employing her extensive consumer insight from 15 years in the advertising industry, along with a lifetime’s love of fashion and an obsession with fit, Clare launched ME+EM.

Today the brand specializes in clothes that “do it all” and that can be worn again and again and again. They take the time to consider the versatility and “wearability” of each piece, ensuring that no matter what you purchase, it will be one of your closet’s go-to items.

Fabrics are chosen for how well they wear and feel. The goal is to produce clothing that makes style look easy and that can be worn in multiple seasons. If you are someone who cares about looking polished regardless of whether you’re traveling by plane or simply running errands in town, ME + EM is a brand you definitely should check out.

The prices are reasonable and the sales are fantastic–you can save up to 50 percent.

The quality of the garments is right up there in the “really well made” category. I recently bought a blazer that has ruffled sleeves. While wearing it, I noticed that those ruffled bits are removable. How cool is that? Thus, the jacket can be feminine and frilly one day and more streamlined and masculine the next. Love that.

I also love their silk jogger pants with side stripes. They are so chic and elegant, taking the jogger to all new heights. Ultra-comfy pants with side stripes are a theme; they come in a variety of styles and colors, one more enticing than the next. Another rockin’ piece is their layering tops with fluted sleeves designed to artfully pop out from sweaters. They so elevate the look.

Note: Prices are in British pounds sterling and sizes are in UK sizes. See the size charts to figure corresponding US sizes.

Take a peek at some of my favorite pieces by ME + EM.

Fluted Sleeve Layering Shirt. £99.

Stripe Transformer Trouser. £179.

Side Stripe Satin Cargo Trouser. £169.

Tailored Crepe Track Pant. £189.

Houndstooth Slip Crop Trouser. £169.

Roll Top Pleated Skirt. £79.

Abstract Floral Dip Hem Skirt. £199.

Mix-and-Match Jumpsuit. On sale for £208.

Floral Sheer Sleeve Maxi Dress. £299.

Belted Denim Jacket. £229.

Icon Leather Jacket in Nappa Leather in Dark Khaki. £699.


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