If you, like me, shun the sun in favor of a healthy, wrinkle-free epidermis but still love the look of sun-kissed skin, consider VITA LIBERATA Luxury Tan Tanning Lotion. This faux tan is amazeballs. It is probably the closest thing to a real tan that I’ve found and I’ve tried them all.  VITA LIBERATA Luxury Tan. $30.00 www.dermstore.com.

For the application: Be sure you use either the brand’s own separately purchased application mitt or those disposable food preparation gloves you can buy from any drugstore–the ones that come like a 100 to a box. I use the latter because I’m frugal and I don’t like having a stained mitt lying around the bathroom. The plastic gloves work great, and you can just toss them when you’re done.

I would also recommend going to Sephora’s website or the brand’s own website before you apply to watch the brand’s application video. The video provides really good advice on how to best apply the lotion (i.e., where to begin applying, how to apply around  trouble spots like toes, heels, fingers, and elbows). It is actually a very useful video for anyone applying any brand’s self tanner. The tips are really helpful. You never want to walk out of your house with big smears of tanning lotion on your back where you didn’t  rub it in well enough or telltale dark spots on your elbows or heels. Heck, you might want to give your significant other the thrill of applying the lotion for you in hard to reach places such as your back, derriere, back of legs…

This brand is really high quality and if you apply the lotion correctly and carefully, it looks incredibly natural. No one will know if your glow is real or faux.

Word of caution though. I went to bed with the lotion on and my white sheets now have a yellowish hue. I’m pretty sure it will wash out but you might want to shower before going to bed on days you apply the tanner.

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