Hellbent for Leather

I have a confession…I love leather. When the leaves turn and the temps begin to drop, nothing feels more appropriate than a supple pair of leather leggings or leather pants.

And, this season, they are turning up in styles that go well beyond the basic legging. I have spotted them in a very flirty crop flare trouser style–cing a sept and UNRAVEL–thank you very much! This style looks particularly fetching with a strappy heel, an embellished bootie, or, for a more casual vibe, a white trainer–white T-shirt, black blazer a la Balmain–so chic. The other leather look I’m digging is the motor cross style from Spanx, which has the added benefit of sucking everything in and being ultra comfortable.

Now, if you are against actual leather, fear not. There are tons of great faux versions, which, generally speaking, will cost you a lot less. The benefit of faux is that the material will not stretch out and lose its shape the way leather can over time. The downside is that faux leather tends not to breathe all that well, so you may feel a tad sweaty wearing them. I’m not talking about sweat coming out in buckets–gross!–rather a bit of dewy sweat a la Scarlett in Gone with the Wind.

Leather and faux leather leggings/pants should really be a staple in every stylish chick’s wardrobe regardless of age. So if you can splurge, go for a really good pair. You will find yourself wearing them over and over and for years to come.

Here is a curated collection of this year’s best leather trousers and leggings.

cinq a sept Marcelle Cropped Flare Pant. $895.

Spanx Moto Faux-Leather. $110.00.

RtA Ryland Two-Tone Leather Legging. $1,095.

TOM FORD Leather Zip-Cuff Legging.$2,490.

UNRAVEL Leather Up Flare Pant. $2,120.

Alexander McQueen. $6,270.00


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