Body Beautiful

As I was working out the other day, I noticed how the younger women in my group training session had beautiful, unblemished arms and decolletage.(After so many years of chasing a bronzed body via the sun, I am left with mottled arms and a decolletage sprinkled with freckles and other sun damage.) I realized in that moment that not only do we need to take assiduous care of the skin on our face, we should also protect the rest of our body each and every day.

My new regime includes using this SunBum SPF 70 on my arms, top of ears, neck, legs, hands,…basically anywhere the sun’s rays can reach my skin. On top of that, I put my self-bronzing lotion by Vita Liberata. The sunscreen, which leaves a slightly white hue, acts like a primer, covering up some of the damage. The bronzer gives me the glow that I got from the sun for so many years. The best part is the coconut scent that lightly lingers on my skin. People keep telling me how good I smell. Love that!

I wish I would have started this regime years ago. It’s the best way to keep the skin on your body healthy,young-looking, and, hopefully, cancer-free. If you only protect your face, you are providing a huge disconnect between that skin and that of your neck and arms and the rest.

SunBum. $15.99.;


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