This year, winter coats positively celebrate and elevate faux fur. I would argue, in fact, that with all the gorgeous faux options, there is absolutely no reason to pay for and wear the real deal. Faux fur has really come into its own. Not only does it look great, it also feels so soft and cocooning that wearing it is akin to being hugged by the most downy of teddy bears.

Now, I’m not gonna lie. Some faux fur coats are of a much better quality than others. A brand like Shrimps offers the finest of faux fur. Thick, shiny, ultra soft, such a high-end faux fur looks divine, keeps you warm, doesn’t get matted, and will last a long time. Cheaper faux cuts, say those at Target, are not as sumptuous and shiny and likely will only make it through one to two seasons before you are going to want to chuck em in the Goodwill bag or, worse, the garbage can. If you don’t already own a faux fur, it’s time to make the commitment.

A few things to keep in mind as you begin your shopping. 1. If you have blond hair, go for darker faux furs. And vice versa, if you have dark hair, consider lighter hues. The contrast is more visually appealing. 2. Also, don’t be afraid to embrace some of the richer, more saturated colors out there…say emerald green, sapphire blue, spotted leopard, and ruby red. Because they are not too pricey, you can afford to be more bold, make more of an entrance, and command more of the room, yes?

Check out my curated collection of faux fur coats, which features both high-end options and more affordable versions. Also check out French Connection, Mango, Zara, and H&M. All have similar styles in different pricepoints.

Featured Image: Zara Double-Breasted Faux Fur Coat. $169.00.

Below: Fabulous Furs Faux Fur Tiered Swing Coat. $299.00.

Johnny Was Gena Embroidered Faux-Fur Coat with Hood. $495.00.

Kenzo Oversized Floral-Print Faux-Fur Coat. $830.00.

Givenchy Intarsia Faux-Fur Quilted-Lining Mid-Thigh Coat. $3,490.00.

Dolce & Gabbana Strawberry-Buttons Leopard-Print Faux-Fur Mid-Calf Coat. $3,495.00.

Dries Van Noten Rotadi Faux-Fur Chubby Caban Coat w/ Ostrich Feathers

Diane von Furstenberg Long-Sleeve Collared Faux-Fur Jacket. Original $548.00 NOW $411.00. Extra 20% off: $328.80

Vince Shaggy Open-Front Long Coat. $695.00.

Opening Ceremony Insomniac Reversible Faux-Fur Houndstooth Jacket. $625.00.

Marc Jacobs
Chubby Plush Coat with Collar
Original $950.00 NOW $712.00

cinq a sept
Georgia Faux-Fur Button-Front Jacket

Fabulous Furs
Full-Length Chevron Faux-Fur Vest

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