Dressing for Comfort during the Holidays

One of the greatest joys during the holidays is enjoying all the delicious food and drink. I don’t know about you, but I cannot resist the frosted sugar cookies, rich and creamy eggnog, beautifully arranged cheese platters, and buzz-inducing hot toddies.

Knowing that I am going to indulge during this special time of year with all its holiday cheer, I try to pick outfits that are both festive and loose-fitting…with an emphasis on loose-fitting. For example, I much prefer wearing a pair of pants with some stretch and an oversized sweater to stuffing myself like a sausage into a tight dress. (I have done the latter in the past and practically needed to be carried out of the party due to stomach cramps! Trust me, it’s not a good look or feel.) I also opt for shoes that allow me to stand comfortably and that I can kick off easily when curling up on the sofa.
And this year, thanks to the popularity of “loungewear,” it’s easier than ever to find holiday-worthy clothes that look sweet and that are also a treat to wear.

Here is one piece that meets the holiday comfort brief.

Featured image: Aurora Velvet Jogger Pants by Johnny Was. $248. These can be dressing up with a pair of high heel ankle booties or dressed down with flat mules.



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