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Cowboy Cool

Currently enjoying a sartorial spotlight, boots channeling the Wild West are all the rage. Clad in everything BUT plain black leather (these aren’t your daddy’s cowboy boots), they are turning up in faux snakeskin, sparkling silver glitter, fringed suede, embellished metal toes and studs, and more, they pair effortlessly with flowing skirts, frou-frou maxi dresses, tailored suits and even jumpsuits. Personally, I have always … Read More Cowboy Cool

ME + EM = Major Style

British brand ME+EM was founded by Clare Hornby in 2009 to offer designer quality at lower prices. Frustrated by how hard it was to find flattering, on-trend and beautifully made clothes, Clare made the decision to offer women a solution to this sartorial problem. Employing her extensive consumer insight from 15 years in the advertising industry, along with a lifetime’s love of fashion and … Read More ME + EM = Major Style


Stylemaker Alice Temperley

If you have ever admired Kate Middleton’s style, chances are she was wearing a beautiful frock by British designer Alice Temperley of Temperley London. Middleton has long been a fan of the brand and wears the dresses beautifully. Temperley has been in fashion for more than 15 years and was inspired to become a designer because of her love of craft, textiles, and the … Read More Stylemaker Alice Temperley


Sunny Delights

I don’t know about you, but I love a great pair of sunglasses. This is an item that I am willing to splurge on because I know I will get a lot of wear out of them (provided I don’t lose them any time soon).  I believe that a good pair of sunglasses is well worth the investment because they can add so much … Read More Sunny Delights


I Love Ruffles!

Is there anything more feminine than a ruffle? This season, its all about tiered ruffle dresses. A look half 1920s’ flapper, half Grecian goddess, it features luscious wedding cake-like horizontal layers. So lovely and ethereal. Check out my top ruffled picks. Blow-your-budget ruffles, the Filipa Crepe Maxi Dress from Borgo de Nor. $1,165.00. A less pricey but no less fetching ruffled gown is … Read More I Love Ruffles!


The 15-Minute Rule

Ever procrastinate? Are you, like me, guilty of putting off less-than desirable tasks that need to be done? I’d almost rather do anything besides clean out my kitchen cabinets, straighten up my closet, or go through packed boxes of stuff (we have a lot of boxes waiting to be unpacked from when we moved to our home five years ago…arghh!). To get these unsavory … Read More The 15-Minute Rule


It’s All in the Details

It is starting to dawn on me that dressing well, or rather distinctively, lies not so much in the clothing itself. Instead it is in the details that an outfit is elevated. By “details,” I’m referring to bags, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. If you want to up your style game, these accoutrements can take you there. For summer, I think one of those … Read More It’s All in the Details


Product Review: Eve Lom’s Cleanser

Recently, I read that one of the critical things we can do to ensure healthy skin is, at the end of the day, to cleanse it not once but twice. This is recommended to ensure you remove all of the day’s debris–grime from the air, oils that have built up, makeup, etc.–and to prep the skin for its night slumber. Apparently, while we sleep, … Read More Product Review: Eve Lom’s Cleanser


Substituting “Regular” Dresses for Wedding Dresses

These days, unless you come from a really well-off family or make boatloads of dough yourself, chances are coming up with the cash for your wedding is a struggle. It seems as though the minute the word “wedding” gets attached to anything–be it food, drink, or venue–the price skyrockets. This is certainly the case when it comes to wedding dresses. When I was getting … Read More Substituting “Regular” Dresses for Wedding Dresses


Saving Face: My Favorite Matte Sunscreens

When it comes to skincare, I prefer to follow advice that all the experts agree on rather than chasing the latest fad. The one rule that everyone who wants to keep their skin as healthy, cancer-free, and youthful as possible should follow is this: wear sunscreen every day no matter where you live or what you plan to do. OK…well maybe it’s the number … Read More Saving Face: My Favorite Matte Sunscreens


Menswear Inspired Shoes

There is something so cool about women’s shoes that have been inspired by menswear. I guess I’ve always been drawn to a melange of male and female looks for women. Even at the gym, I’d much rather dress it down guy style than parade around in pink leggings. The same is true for my shoes. Thus, these menswear-themed loafers are my lust item du … Read More Menswear Inspired Shoes

Ravishing Ruffles

Ruffles are all the rage this season, and there is something so delectable about them for summer. Maybe it’s the way they catch the soft breeze or how they convey something so sensual and feminine. Whatever the reason, I am loving the look. For those with ample breasts, do not despair. V-necks with ruffles can work beautifully with bigger tatas. It’s all about the … Read More Ravishing Ruffles

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