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Buy of the Day: Spanx Velvet Leggings

Velvet–the fabric of fall and winter 2017–is one of my favorite textiles. I like it on furniture and I like wearing it. Deep sapphire blue–one of the key colors of the season–is also one of my favs. It’s a hue that, to me, just exudes richness, and I have been obsessed with it since last year, when I bought a pair of blue velvet … Read More Buy of the Day: Spanx Velvet Leggings


Sweat Shop

Guess who’s getting a makeover this year? Yes, it’s the sweatshirt. Gone are those generic, boxy sweats from the days of yore. Praise the clothing gods! While I loved the cozy feel of them when temps dropped, I hated getting lost in all that fabric. Now, I can be enveloped in the same softness but look cute too. Check out some of my favorites. … Read More Sweat Shop


Reach for the Stars

Is there anything more awe-inspiring than a starry night, looking up at dark sky twinkling with billions and billions of lights? Makes you want to reach right up and pull one down. This season you can sartorially indulge your celestial wishes in any number of ways. Glittering stars boost the wow factor of boots, purses, dresses, earrings, and more. Avec Les Filles Suede Boots … Read More Reach for the Stars


Velvet Crush

If a fabric can define a season, this winter it’s velvet. The definition of all things soft, sumptuous, and swank, velvet is no longer just for kings, queens, and theater curtains. No, this year, velvet belongs to us all. And it’s no wonder…is there any other textile more inviting, more elegant, more cocoon-worthy? Look around and you’ll see velvet turning up in shoes–everything from … Read More Velvet Crush


Seeing Red: Holiday Dresses for 2017

Among the big fashion trends of fall and winter 2017 is the color red. Associated with love, passion, romance, radiance, and anger, it’s a hue that never fails to rouse emotion and captivate. As we near the holidays and in advance of Valentine’s Day (It’s never too early to start dreaming of what to wear), I thought it would be fun to share crimson … Read More Seeing Red: Holiday Dresses for 2017


Fall & Winter Floral Fashion in 2017

It turns out that in fashion, flowers can take root well beyond spring and summer. This winter, florals are quite decidedly in bloom and available in both high-end wares and more reasonably priced frocks. Whether it’s a colorful array of flowers embroidered on an ethereal tulle blouse or the artful spray of petals on a purse, flower power is le dernier cri┬áin fall and … Read More Fall & Winter Floral Fashion in 2017


Spot On

Tales abound of how the lovely leopard got its spots. Some say the leopard was awarded its spots to better veil its presence while hunting deep within the lush forest; one African tale explains that the spots came from bee stings inflicted on the leopard when he dared to attack Kalulu the Hare, who was under the protection of the Elephant King. The Elephant … Read More Spot On


Loafing About

When it comes to classic style, maybe no other item rules the roost as much as leather loafers. Look back to photos of ’60s style icon and ultimate first lady Jackie Kennedy-Onassis and you will find her sporting a pair of these stylish soles. It’s a look that never goes out of style. One reason for its enduring status is comfort. No other shoe … Read More Loafing About


Embracing Color

There is a reason Crayola crayons and jellybeans come in so many colors. Color has the power to stir our imaginations and take us from the moody blues to warm, happy “hue-mors.” As a child, I was always drawn to color. I remember my grandpa, whom we called Papa, taking me and my brother out for some Saturday “bumming,” as he called it. Bumming … Read More Embracing Color


For Whom the Bell Tolls

When you are a woman of a certain age…it’s not always a good idea to jump on every style trend. For instance, not too many of us fifty-somethings could pull off a romper–if you can, more power to ya and you should go for it. One trend that works well for young and old, curvy and not so curvy alike is the bell sleeve. … Read More For Whom the Bell Tolls

Fur and Faux Fur Stoles for Winter 2017

Every year, come holiday party time, I find myself wishing that I had a sumptuous and fetching stole to envelop myself in when temperatures drop. This year, I am going to take the big leap and actually purchase one. But before I do, I want to ensure that the one I pick is going to fulfill all my winter dreams. It’s got to be … Read More Fur and Faux Fur Stoles for Winter 2017


The Classic Safari Jacket

Whether you like or dislike Donald Trump, you gotta give props to his wife, Melania, for having stellar taste. One of her favorite looks is the safari jacket. Just this past week, she wore one in black and another in khaki–the good-looking, highly functional jacket worked well for her as she traveled to Texas for Hurricane Harvey and later to Florida for Hurricane Irma. … Read More The Classic Safari Jacket

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