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Dressing for Comfort during the Holidays

One of the greatest joys during the holidays is enjoying all the delicious food and drink. I don’t know about you, but I cannot resist the frosted sugar cookies, rich and creamy eggnog, beautifully arranged cheese platters, and buzz-inducing hot toddies. Knowing that I am going to indulge during this special time of year with all its holiday cheer, I try to pick outfits … Read More Dressing for Comfort during the Holidays


Muletide Wishes

Does anything say “sexy” better than a pair of black mules? Check out these gorgeous ones from Zara. Made of a satin material and featuring the most exquisite side ruching and a snappy pointed toe, they are the ultimate in sophistication. The cherry on top is a small, perky bow. Such lovely details. In addition, because they aren’t too terribly high, you will be … Read More Muletide Wishes


Buy of the Day

Today, a special gift for moi from moi arrived in the post…this beautiful bejeweled necklace collar from Zara. It exceeds all my expectations. Solid and incredibly well made, it is simply stunning. With an adjustable clasp, you can control how tight it’s worn. Love that! In addition, the jewel tones radiate with richness, so perfect for holiday dressing. Pair this with a blouse you … Read More Buy of the Day

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